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Ann and Jim Elliott are the faces and the work force behind Glenmorris Kennels. Ann handles the breeding, grooming, training and most of the handling of the dogs.

Jim is a natural born handyman, keeping everything else running smoothly both here and on the road (he has gotten more than one vehicle on the road home for someone that would be otherwise stranded at a show site). He knows his way around the ring being alternate handler until our daughters grew old enough to oust him. He is also is the official sounding board of all grand ideas and the giver of dog treats.

We have been involved in this dog game for the last 35 years and basically raised our family, three lovely daughters on and around it. Our show philosophy has always been centered on our family and we attended as a family unit. Of course this limited the number of shows we attended – none during exam time, when science fairs were being prepared for or during Christmas concert preparation.

We have never campaigned a dog, gotten to any American shows or even finished every dog worthy of a title but it doesn’t matter.

To this day our daughters who are all away from home still want to know what is going on in the kennel. Recently they all traveled home to attend a show with Mom and that is better than BIS any day.

We run our kennel as a small scale hobby operation on a farm just north of Carlyle Sask. The dogs are housed in a heated and air conditioned building.

Our runs are covered and the dogs have a large play area that more than meets their exercise needs. The adult dogs share house time. All puppies are born in our bedroom, graduating to the kitchen as they develop.

We plan our breedings carefully, ensuring that our breeding stock is free of hereditary defects that could be passed to their offspring. Our breeding program is based on dogs we have intimate knowledge of. Most of our dogs can be traced to the original female we purchased. We have used great caution when introducing anything new in our lines. We have made a long time commitment to ethical breeding and business practices.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit with us and allow us the opportunity of sharing our vision of the Shetland Sheepdog with you.


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