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These games require Adobe Flash, which is no longer supported.

If you are using a Chrome browser, you can add a Flash Player Emulator extension to play these games!

The Sheltie Sheep Herder Game

Navigate the Sheltie around the yard to herd the sheep into their pens.

Play the Sheltie Sheep Herder Game

The Sheltie Memory Game

Just like the "Classic Concentration" game. Reveal all the matching pictures to win!

Play The Sheltie Memory Game

Sheltie Photo Hunt

Find the 5 differences between 2 pictures and click on them. Look closely!

Play the Sheltie Photo Hunt Game

Sheltie Word Search

Find all the words hidden within the jumbled letters!

Play the Sheltie Word Search Game

Jigsaw Puzzles

Click on an image below to start a Jigsaw Puzzle game.

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