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Ch. Glenmorris Jewel Of the Nile

Ch. Glenmorris Jewel Of the Nile

When Jewel was bred back to Ch. Micky Likes It At Weeacres ROMC she produced:
  Ch. Weeacres Glenmorris Micheala
  Weeacres Ticked Pink

Weeacres Tickled Pink (Eloise) was owned by Lynne Poirier of Silkseal Kennels and was shown to 3 pts before Lynne retired from the show ring. Lynne however continued to breed beautiful Shelties and she bred Eloise to the “Mikey” son Kendale Step Bi Step (6pts) to produce Silkseal Sungold and Silkseal Astaire. I was very pleased to have access to these two quality boys with their tight pedigrees. Both these boys factor heavily in my kennel today.
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