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Our Lines

Back in the early days I developed a decided preference for the Banchory and Macdega lines. In my search for a breeding female coming down off these lines I was directed to Liz Daoust of Weeacre Kennel who had bred a female to Ch Macdega Mastery. Phone calls were made and as a result a little orange sable female that became known as Ch Weeacres Sweet Charity came out west to start a breeding line. The majority of the dogs in our kennel today trace back to that individual. Liz shared other dogs from her kennel with us. Living in the east she had access to Macdega and Cedarhope kennels and did several integral breedings to their stud dogs, namely Ch Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM/ROMC and Ch Banchory Classic Image ROM/ROMC. She was kind enough to share the results.

I had become a great admirer of “Grand Prix” and the beautiful bi blacks in his pedigree. Location and airline schedules prevented me from breeding directly to “Grand Prix” but when Liz bred her Am/BIS Can Ch Banchory Beau of Cedarhope daughter to him and kept 2 boys I knew I had my way through the back door.  

Two sable “Mikey” sons (one out of Ch Weeacres Sweet Charity) played a prominent role in my breeding program as did a bi black son by “Farran” We were privileged to lease Mikey at one point as well as Weeacres Devil Made Me Do It by “Classic Image”. The Glenmorris line is a product of these influences.


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