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Ch. Glenmorris Shannasey

Ch. Micky Likes It At Weeacres ROMC came to visit Glenmorris in 1991. During that visit we bred him to our home bred Ch. Glenmorris Buttons N Bows. From that litter we kept a plain little sable pup with such attitude. He became Ch. Glenmorris Shannasey. “Shandy” started his show career by winning RWD and BPISS at SCSSA specialty.

Ch. Glenmorris Shannasey
OFA excellent
Eye checked normal


By the time he turned 8 months he had earned 2 – 5 pt wins. He decided then that the show ring was where little boys went to play. He spent the next two shows tracking sideways (crabbing) while snapping at my hemline or chasing wayward fluff bunnies that had escaped from the grooming area. Thankfully walking shorts came in style and without that distracting hemline he finished his next time out. Who new that the trends of fashion would have such monumental impact on the dog world.

As a sire he was used on a very limited basis. Twice he was bred to Laird daughters and produced:
Ch. Glenmorris Jewel Of The Nile
Ch. Glenmorris Ginger Snapped
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