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Ch. Weeacres Bare Essence


Ch. Weeacres Sweet Charity


Ch. Glenmorris Blue Danube


Ch. Weeacres Midnite Phantom


Ch. Glenmorris Buttons N Bows


Ch. Weeacres Tri A Little Laughter


Award of Merit 1991 SASSA specialty under Barbara Linden


Ch. Weeacre Glenmorris Highwayman


Sire of 2 specialty winners


Sire of 4 champions


Ch. Glenmorris Classic Illusion


Ch. Glenmorris Classic War Paint ROMC

    Dam of: Ch. Weeacres Air Jordon

Ch. Weeacres Heads I Win


Ch. Weeacres One Step At A Time


Ch. Glenmorris Road Warrior


Finished in 3 weekends with a Gr. 2nd.


Ch. Glenmorris Swashbuckler


Best Puppy In Show


WD & Award of Merit at 1992 SCSSC under Mary Benjamin

  Ch. Glenmorris Cookies N Cream

BP & BW at 1991 SASSA Specialty under Barbara Linden


2 BPIG & Gr. 3rd all in 4 weekends


Ch. Glenmorris Shannasey


BP & RWD 1991 SCSSC specialty at 7 months


10 pts at 8 months


3rd in class at 1992 CSSA specialty under Jean Simmonds


Ch. Glenmorris Ginger Snapped


Ch. Glenmorris Jewel of the Nile

  Ch. Glenmorris Hartbeart Bi Weeacre

Ch. Glenmorris Rock My World


Multi group placing


Ch. Weeacre Glenmorris Lonesum Duv

    BW at 1994 WASSA Specialty under Don Henderson

Ch. Glenmorris High Fly’n

    RWD at 1994 WASSA Specialty under Don Henderson

Ch. Glenmorris Cool Runnings


Best of Sweepstakes 1996 SASSA under Larry Ermel


BW 1996 SASSA specialty under Gloria Cronin


Ch. Weeacre Glenmorris Micheala


Finished in 3 weekends with a Gr. 3rd.

  Ch. Glenmorris Amstad

Ch. Jacaura’s Tony the Tiger


Full brother to Ch. Glenmorris Cookies N Cream


RWD at 1995 SASSA specialty under Charlotte Clem McGowwan


Finished with Gr. 4th.

  Ch. Premiere Glenmorris Matrix

Ch. VonRoth In Vogue At Glenmorris


Ch. Glenmorris Starstruck

    2 BOBs first weekend out
    RWF & BPIS over WD at the 2003 WASSA specialty under Barbara Linden

Gr. 3rd. winner


As well as:

Glenmorris Moody Blues CDX (9 pts)


BPIG winner


Glenmorris Poetry in Motion (8 pts)

    Dam of: Ch. Glenmorris Cookies N Cream

Ch. Jacaura’s Tony The Tiger


Glenmorris Isle O Tyre (5pts)

    BPIG winner

Glenmorris Kelsey CD


Pazu’s Glenmorris Eclipse

    BW,BOS,BPIS at 1990 SCSSC specialty

Glenmorris Oh Mercy Me (6pts)


BPIG winner


Weeacre Kyle of Glenmorris (1 pt)


Glenmorris Highland Mist (5 pts)


Gr. 3 winner & BPIG at 7 months

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